Traffic Simulation using Agent-Based Modelling

Once upon a time I did a project at university on traffic simulation. In case you’re interested, here is some information about it.

I used NetLogo, an agent-based modelling (ABM) environment, to design and implement a simple working traffic simulation model.

This is quite a cool piece of software and if you’re interested in multi-agent modelling I recommend you check it out. There’s loads of online models you can run in your browser.

You can read more about the project here.

4 thoughts on “Traffic Simulation using Agent-Based Modelling

  1. Hello Andrew Lansdowne
    Im Vietnamese, in my country, researches about traffic in Netlogo are very little, so can you send me full .nlogo file of your research “Traffic Simulation using Agent-Based Modelling” so that i can read and understand it.
    Thank you very much..

  2. This thesis also gives details of “exploratory agent-based modeling”, “descriptive agent-based modeling” and “validated agent-based modeling”, using several worked case study examples.

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